Nodal Officer:

Name: Shri Praveen Jain
Designation: CFO & Company Secretary
Postal address: BSL LIMITED
26 Industrial Area, Gandhi Nagar, Bhilwara 311001 (Rajasthan)
Contact No.: 01482-246801 (6-lines)
Mobile No.: 9352111233
Mail ID:

List of Equity Shares Liable for Transfer to IEPF Demat Account
Unpaid Dividend 2016-17
Unpaid Dividend 2015-16
Unpaid Dividend 2014-15
Unpaid Dividend 2013-14
2010-11(I) Dividend Transferred to IEPF A/c
Unpaid Dividend (F)- 2010-11
2009-10 Dividend Transferred to IEPF A/c
Access Link to claim refund from IEPF Authority
(to be used by shareholders/claimants whose shares and/or dividend/other amounts have been transferred by the Company to Investor Education and Protection Fund)