It's one thing to be the global best in your business and another to be a class apart. But, doing business based upon heritage, ethics and being the global best is what we strive for. We believe in transforming lives of people at large, through inclusive growth and economic prosperity which means that people are involved from the floor level to the most tedious process, right to getting the final product.

L. N. JHUNJHUNWALA (Group Chairman Emiretus)

It takes a pool of talent, hard work and integrity to be the global best holistic textile company. There are requirements of constant innovations in products, peoples training, new technology adoptions and reducing wastage of natural resources to carve the niche of being the leading holistic textile company globally. We are constantly investing in technology and research and development with a single objective of being the best in product manufacturing and service. But all this with one core belief, 'People before Profits' and 'product innovation before prejudice'.

A. K. CHURIWAL (Chairman)