Worsted Spinning
BSL Limited produces 1000 Tons yarn annually on worsted system.
For the finest yarns you can count on BSL Ltd. where finest  Australian wools are blended with polyesters from Trevira and Reliance to produce counts Nm 25/2 to Nm 90/2 to meet home consumption for reputed clients in domestic & overseas markets. Our plants are equipped with the latest technology Preparatory Machines i.e.Gill boxes.Combers and Roving machines from NSC {France}, Ring Frames from Zinser Ring Spinner, Autoconer from Schlafhorst and indigenous Two for One' Twisters to produce  excellent quality of yarn.


NSC Gill Box NSC Gill Box
Cognetex Ring SpinnerCognetex Ring Spinner
Schlafhorst AutocornerSchlafhorst Autocorner
Prerna TFOPrerna TFO

Synthetic Spinning
BSL Ltd. being a pioneer in synthetic fabric manufacturing, has always updated technology and machines to provide the world market with the best quality of fiber dyed blended fabrics, be it apparel, technical textiles or specialty textiles for Aviation & Defense. With an installed capacity of 16896 spindles in Synthetic Spinning, fiber dyed yarn in count range of Ne 2/15 to 2/60's poly viscose are produced on LMW Machines, Murata, Schlafhorst and Savio Autoconer and Two for One' Twisters to produce knot free yarns.
BSL Limited has recently installed Vortex 861 Spinning machine for catering to international Viscose yarn markets.


NSC Gill BoxTruzschler Blowroom
Cognetex Ring SpinnerLMW Carding Machine
Schlafhorst AutocornerLMW Ring Spinner
Prerna TFOMuratec Autoconer